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new 2Hi, I am Rommel Lateo Reyes, a.k.a. Rey Esla Teo, and welcome to my website.
As a kid, I really enjoyed drawing and making some art stuffs at school and mostly at home.
My love for art started when I was 6 years old and it continues to grow until now.
I’ve tried doing lots of things that involve my skills in art when I was younger, like page layouting, charcoal portraits, tattooing, and many other stuffs. I believe that my passion for art has brought me where I am right now.

Now that I have a printing business, I’ve been able to expand my skills regarding art. Although I currently enjoy managing my business, my true passion is still drawing and creating art.
Pastel and charcoal used to be my primary mediums and I also do airbrushing until digital painting came along.
At the moment, I do some art tutorials and commissioned artworks as I continue enhancing and improving my skills.

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