Vector X Vexel PH


Vector X Vexel PH

What to expect on April 13?.
This coming week, we’ll give you a low down on every speakers involved in the seminar :) . so grab your early bird tickets pronto!

I’ll be one of the speakers, see you there  :)   Rey Esla Teo



This is it! VXV’s making it official as we open our very first grand exhibit and convention this coming April 13 at the La Feria in Arts in the city the Fort BGC.

We’ve invited awesome speakers for the event plus 60+ of the bests artists in our line up will showcase their works so we hope you could all come. (5487)

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3 Responses to Vector X Vexel PH

  1. Anna Li says:

    Good day sir! I was there yesterday at the convention and I find your talk inspiring. :)

  2. sayang na mis ko ung event na un sana my next time pa :) ganda ng website mo sir :)

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